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The conference will be open for papers on all topics in the field of Morphology.

However, one day will be devoted to a specific topic:

"Morphology and the architecture of the grammar"

Morphology deals with the correlation between the form and meaning of words.
Hence, it plays a central role in theories on the architecture of grammars of natural languages, as it specifies the relationship between form and meaning of expressions in a particular language.

Some basic questions are:

  • What are proper criteria for the demarcation of morphological versus syntactic objects?
  • Where, in grammar, are morphological objects to be accounted for?
  • To what extent is the construction of words subject to different principles and constraints than those of the construction of phrases?
  • In which ways do morphology, phonology and syntax interact?
  • Should inflection and word formation be dealt with in different parts of grammar, or are they impossible to separate?
  • What do morphological phenomena tell us about the nature of linguistic generalizations (rules, schemas, constructions, etc.), and their place in the description of the competence of language users?

[Geert Booij, Angela Ralli, Sergio Scalise]

Conference Programme

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